Jay Manuel’s satirical ‘America’s Next Top Model’ novel angers Tyra Banks

Jay Manuel's satirical 'America's Next Top Model' novel angers Tyra Banks

Insiders say the storyline of former “America’s Next Top Model” creative director Jay Manuel’s novel, “The Wig, the Bitch & the Meltdown,” may have hit too close to home for his boss Tyra Banks.

A source tells Page Six that when Banks caught wind of the satirical book, which came out last week, she allegedly tried to stop their former “ANTM” colleagues from helping to promote it. ”

Tyra is not happy about the book,” said an insider. “There was some kind of meeting with Tyra [and] some sort of message was sent out regarding the book coming out. A couple of months ago, she asked a lot of the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ family to not interact with Jay and to not support the book.”

We’re told “ANTM” coach Miss J had been appearing on Manuel’s Instagram Live show “Jay’s Chat,” but “all of a sudden, Jay received a call that Miss J can’t [do the chats]. He pulled out without an explanation and hasn’t returned calls. They have a close relationship and now all of a sudden he disappeared.”

A rep for Miss J did not comment.

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