Jeffrey Epstein Sexually Assault Alicia Arden

Victoria’s secret famous model, Alicia Arden alleged that Jaffrey Epstein sexually assaults her in 1997. Now she came forward once again, after hearing the millionaire financier Jeffrey’s arrest earlier this month.

In 1997, Model complained to the police that Jaffrey Epstein Grope her by posing himself as Victoria’s Secret Scout. The Incident Occurred when the model was just starting her career and was only 27 years old.

According to Alicia, Jaffrey introduced himself as a model scout of Victoria’s secret and invited her to his Santa Monica hotel room.

Once she reached the place, he grabbed her and started touching her badly. she added that then he tried to undress her and told her that he wanted to ‘manhandle’ her.

Jeffrey Epstein Sexually Assault Alicia Arden

The model said that Epstein’s only weapons were his hands. Just after the incident, she complained about this to the police so that he may not hurt other women.

After a week Arden again went to the police and filed a formal report against millionaire financer Jaffrey Epstein.

According to Arden after that, she heard nothing about this case again. Elisabetta Tai’s story is similar to Arden’s story.

Epstein also sexually assault her by posing himself as Victoria’s Secret recruiter in 2004.

Recently Arden said to New York Times report that after his arrest, it has discovered now that he is a close personal friend and money manager for Leslie Wexner, the CEO of L brand. And he approaches young women by purporting to be a victoria’s secret scout.

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L brand CEO has all the knowledge about Epsiteins’s crime since long. Wexner promised to talk on this topic with Epstein.

Wexner denied to accept it publically that he ever knew about the illegal activities of Epstein. And in  2006, Wexner broke all the ties with Epstein after he was charged with multiple molestations and sexual assault count.

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