Jennifer Aniston prefers to be single at this point of her life

Jennifer Aniston says that she is not sad and living her life happily after two divorces. She claims her happiness is in being solo. According to sources, she gave a statement of not liking her friends fixing updates for her.

The SiriusXM interview speaks for the lady. The 50-year-old actress was vocal, intuitive and raised strong voices for her split from husband Justin Theroux. She added that she will now stay busy promoting her next season of The Morning Show.

Jennifer Aniston is preferring singlehood more than dates. She even does not like the idea of being hitched by her friends. The actress is busy prepping for The Morning Show’s next season, which will premiere on 1 November. This will be her full-time television role since Friends got over in 2004. In this new venture, she will be seen playing a prudent TV anchor, Alex Levy.

Jennifer has tied the knot twice, once with Brad Pitt and second with Theroux. Jennifer and Theroux found it to be more beneficial for staying friends than as a married couple. She speaks about the respect and loves the two have for one another even after their divorce previous year.

During Jenn’s 50th birthday this year, Pitt could be seen reconnecting with her. But it did not seem like a big deal for the Friends alum. She was simply happy to see Pitt attend the party and that was it.

The sources are more acute with the friendship Aniston and the Ad Astra actor share. However, no clues for romanticism can be found in their relationship. This time only friendship is in the air.

Throughout the years the ever-gorgeous Jennifer has been linked with John Mayer, Tate Donovan, Paul Sculfor and Bradley cooper. Yes, how can you forget Paul Rudd? He is also on the list of being in a rumored relationship with Jennifer.

For now, fans are excited to witness what the actress has to contribute to her acting career.