Jessica Alba says that her three kids exploded her body and she’s cool with it

Jessica Alba, a celebrity mom, is feeling proud that her kids helped her embrace womanhood. She goes onto say, being a mother of three is a special feeling. The actor and her producer husband Cash Warren has three kids. The duo has two daughters aged eleven and eight and a son of 1 year.

Emotions of Jessica Alba after being a mother of three

The actress who happens to be the co-founder of Honest Company remarks that when she started with her career, she felt insecure.

She was curious about her own identity and was desperately searching for it. Now that her life has taken a different path, she is happy.

The actress knows her real personality, which is she is a mother of three. Being a mother of three kids isn’t easy. Jessica remarks that she doesn’t care if her children have exploded her body. Even though she is a celebrity, she is a mother first.

The actor also claims that her children had no idea that their mother is an actress. Alba told InStyle that she has come across various people over the years.

Jessica Alba says that her three kids exploded her body and she's cool with it
Image: Jessica Alba/Instagram

Shockingly they know her because of Honest. Even her kids don’t have any idea that their mother is a star because Alba withdrew herself from the world of entertainment before they learned how to walk and talk.

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Until one day, her kids noticed her in a magazine cover. As kids, they were curious to know about their mother’s hidden secret. With a smile on her face, she answered her children that she does it at times.

Alba went onto say that she hadn’t shot for six years after her first child. She kept herself away from the press. The actress defines being sexy in her terms.

The actress states that she isn’t a teenager who has to diet and exercise to flaunt off her sexiness. Alba is happy being a mother of three. Even though she has put on weight, she is least bothered about it.