Jessie James Decker Claps Back After getting Criticism For Wearing Underwear In Front Of Kids

Singer Jessie James Decker has never been shy about opening up about her body after having three children. She showed off her trim figure in a sexy Instagram picture lounging at home in her underwear. Jessie’s 4-year-old son Eric is seen in the background, causing some fans to deem Jessie’s lack of clothes inappropriate. But she defended her decision in her Instagram comments.

In this photo, Jessie has a glass of wine in her hand while her dog and her son don’t seem to mind. It looks like it was taken in her bedroom and her fuzzy slippers are a nice added cozy touch to this iconic photo. It now has close to 230,000 likes on Instagram.

People Were Hating On Jessie James Decker In Her Instagram Comments

Several people questioned why Jessie was wearing only underwear in front of her child. One person asked “You walk around like that with your kids around…” which prompted her to respond. “Yes. No different than a swimsuit. I teach my children the body is beautiful. nothing to be ashamed of,” she said. This comment gained a lot of replies from people pointing out that bikini bottoms and underwear cover the same amount of skin yet nobody complains when a mom is wearing a bikini with her kids at the beach. Another comment said “Inappropriate and thirsty post. Save that for your husband.” She is married to former NFL player Eric Decker. The pair have three children together.

Another negative comment came from a woman who said, “Oh hey everyone please look at my body and tell me how hot I am.” This comment implied that Jessie only posted the photo for attention. Jessie commented back and said, “let’s remain calm Susan.” Be honest, you definitely laughed at Jessie’s response.


Other Mom’s Came To Her Defense

A lot of Jessie’s fans are also moms and can relate to her in many ways. The moms came to her defense talking about how they too wear underwear in front of their kids. They also talked about how they can barely go to the bathroom without their kids knocking on the door and giving them a moment of peace. One comment said, “I’ll be lucky to just get to go to the bathroom in peace without the world ending because no one sees mommy!”

This prompted other moms to begin sharing stories about how their kids see them without clothes on all the time. Another comment said “My kids walk in on me on the toilet & the shower & watch me change! I’d have to lock them out to keep them away.” Being a mom is definitely a handful and especially now during quarantine, children need things to keep them busy all the time. There is no harm in Jessie lounging comfortably with her child in the room in her own home. Her son seems to be content in the background with what looks to be an iPad or some kind of electronic and doesn’t seem to mind that his mother is only just wearing underwear. So if the kid doesn’t care, why should anyone else?

Jessie James Decker Has Opened Up About Body Image And Self Love In The Past

After giving birth to three children, Jessie posted the following lengthy Instagram picture with a caption detailing her body struggles. She spoke about how she gets insecure when she puts on a bathing suit because she has loose skin from her pregnancies. She admitted to having a few surgeries to help get rid of some of the loose skin including a few breast reductions. These surgeries left her with scars that she is insecure about and tries to cover up. This extra skin prevents her from fitting into her old clothes.

She posted this emotional message to relate to other moms that feel the same way. She continued saying “Growing a baby is such a beautiful superpower and I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining one bit but I am a human being and sometimes the loose skin does make me a little insecure.” This is something that a lot of moms go through, but they look beautiful either way and giving birth is something to be celebrated. Having a little extra skin from the miracle of childbirth should not be frowned upon at all. We admire her for posting something so personal and heartfelt.

But it honestly seems like Jessie is thriving now during quarantine and we don’t blame her for ditching her pants and lounging in underwear. Everyone wants to be comfy at home when they’re chilling with their own family and half of us have probably been wearing the same pajamas for a week now.