JoJo Siwa is Unrecognizable in Her Real Hair

It’s hard to imagine JoJo Siwa without her high side ponytail and oversized bow. The teen entertainer, like many other stars, has found a signature look and stuck with it

 — only this time, it’s also earned her a nice chunk of change thanks to the robust business she’s built selling bow sets and bow makers in Target.

But this week, Siwa challenged herself to hit 19 million followers on TikTok in 24 hours — and if she did, she would do anything the top commenter asked. In this case, the most “liked” comment was from TikTok user connorascord, who requested that Siwa dress “normal” for a day. The comment got more than 191,000 likes, and Siwa was locked into the challenge.



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Siwa responded with a video that showed her changing into her flashiest stage costumes before slowly revealing a more toned-down JoJo: loose wavy blonde hair, a graphic t-shirt, and not a bow or speck of glitter in sight.

Her TikTok fans reacted immediately to her transformation. “Wait omg this is a historical moment, no ponytail,” one user wrote. “YAAAASSSSSS!!!! LET THAT BEAUTIFUL HAIR FLOW!!! (But only if that’s what you want to do. No pressure),” another added in a comment that was liked by Siwa. The moment was short-lived, however, as Siwa followed up with a dancing TikTok right after with her bow and braided updo firmly back in place. “Don’t be shy let the hair down,” one commenter wrote.

Whether or not Siwa decides to swap her bow out for a different style is ultimately her choice, but we know if the day does come again, her 19 million TikTok followers will be patiently waiting.