Julianne Hough describes the moment she told husband Brooks Laich ‘I’m not straight’

America’s Got Talent judge Julianne Hough tied the knot with her husband Brooks Laich in 2017. Only four months after her wedding, she found out that she is not straight. Woman’s Health published the story in its ‘Naked Strength‘ issue.

Hough went onto say that as soon as she figured out the truth about her sexuality, she went up to her husband and told him that she is not straight.

While he received the shock of his life, she comforted him, saying that even though she is not straight, but she chose to be a part of his life.

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Feelings of Hough while she described the moment of truth revelation

Hough went onto say that now that she has revealed the truth about her life, she does not feel guilty anymore. She admitted that she was afraid to reveal the truth about herself maybe because of her upbringing.

Now Hough thinks that guilt does not exist. She also realized that being ashamed about her truth would not give her peace. Hough went onto narrate that though her professional hockey player husband was supportive

, she still felt hesitant to describe what has happened between them.

In one situation, she also added that she was afraid whether her marriage with him would last or not. Fear made her think that Brooks will never love her like before. Hough happily stated that more truthful she was with him Brooks started to fall head over heels for her. The bond between the couple grew stronger.

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The star started struggling in her life since her early teens. She was only 15 when her parents got to know that she had endometriosis. This rare condition impacts fertility.

Brooks Laich a true gentleman comforted his wife saying that he would do anything it takes to comfort her. If required, they would even opt for an IVF treatment as it is difficult to conceive naturally.

He also added that he is trying to share only a minor amount of her life struggles. Hough should know that he is there for her whenever she needs him.