Justin Bieber visits Kanye West in Wyoming as rapper avoids wife

Justin Bieber is the latest celeb to fly out to Wyoming in a show of support for Kanye West.

The “Sorry” singer paid a visit to pal Kanye West’s ranch — aka, the YZY campus — in the landlocked state Friday, with West sharing a photo of the Biebs seated beside Damon Dash as they waxed poetic over the latest YZY innovation.

“DD & JB discussing the new spray foam wall prototypes on the YZY campus,” West tweeted.

The two artists have developed a close bond over the years, largely supported by their shared faith, as the singer, 26, previously appeared with West, 43, during his “Sunday Service” run last year. Dash has also voiced his support for West, whom wife Kim Kardashian claims is currently suffering from a bipolar episode.

“People who are unaware or far removed from this experience can be judgmental and not understand that the individual themselves have to engage in the process of getting help no matter how hard family and friends try,” she claimed in a lengthy statement defending her husband.

Unfortunately, West is “refusing” to see his wife, dismissing her suggestion to fly to Wyoming to be with him. He also isn’t receptive to even discussing his current mental state with Kardashian, TMZ reports.

Dave Chappelle was one of the first of West’s big-name friends to check on the producer following a disastrous presidential rally in South Carolina where he openly discussed that he and Kardashian considered aborting eldest daughter, North.