Kade Ruotolo says early experience in jiu-jitsu helped him evolve into a ‘super cool’ inspiration to young kids

As one of the biggest success stories in submission grappling, Kade Ruotolo is well aware that he is going to become an inspiration to young kids.

In 2022, Kade and his brother Tye had breakout years in their careers. Becoming the youngest ever ADCC winner and the inaugural ONE lightweight submission grappling world champion, Kade has pushed himself right to the forefront of the sport.

As one of the first names and faces that come to mind when you mention submission grappling, there’s always going to be people that take jealousy or inspiration from someone else’s success.

Whilst his primary focus is still on competition, defending what is his and keeping his place as one of the best grapplers on the planet, Kade also knows that with all of his achievements comes some level of responsibility.

In an interview with ONE Championship, he spoke about what kind of role model he wants to be for people that see his accomplishments and want to follow in his footsteps:

“So, I remember being a kid, you know, I’m like looking up to people like, ‘Oh, you know, Professor, this guy, that guy,’ you know, I remember guys that were not that cool to me and guys that were super cool to me as a young kid. So I always try to be like the guy who was always super cool to the young kid, you know what I mean?”

At ONE Fight Night 11 on June 9, he will return to the circle to face Tommy Langaker. This time, it’s personal for Kade Ruotolo after Langaker called him out at the ADCC finals last year.

North American viewers can watch the entire ONE Fight Night 11 card live and free via Prime Video.

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