Kai Cenat counter-trolls KSI for making fun of his and IShowSpeed’s recent song 

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has responded to JJ “KSI” trolling him and IShowSpeed for having lower streams on their recent song than him and countertrolled the British YouTuber in a short clip that is going viral. The clip was first posted on the official KSI subreddit, where it got tens of thousands of upvotes as fans of both creators duked it out in the comments.

In the clip, Kai Cenat defends himself and Darren “IShowSpeed” by slamming JJ for having only a hundred thousand listens more on his song despite being a “full-time musician.”

Kai further claimed that he and Darren were not exactly serious about music, joking that they had said whatever on their recent track and got almost as many streams as the Brit:

“You’re a full time musician, and we are just a hundred thousand listeners behind you. And we’ve only promoted the song once. Both me and Speed don’t really give a f*ck about music and we absolutely said bullsh*t on the track. You stood there and put your heart and soul on the notes, and we are still as close to you as ever. We’re better. Stick to boxing buddy (laughs)!”

After he trolled KSI to “stick to boxing,” Kai Cenat laughed and went further, saying the former should just do YouTube. Possibly referring to the recent controversy surrounding the British boxer’s contentious knockout move in his match against Joe Fournier.

“Oh, wait. Stick to YouTube!”

How did the online spat between KSI, Kai Cenat, and IShowSpeed start?


The Twitch and YouTube streamers Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed recently released a song called Dogs to much fanfare, with fans of both creators creating quite a stir on social media. However, the popular YouTuber KSI, who has interacted with both creators in the past, trolled the song for having fewer views in a recent YouTube video.

In the video titled Meet My Cat, the YouTuber compared the views on Dogs to his own song Easy on Spotify and found that his tune, despite releasing more recently (last week), had more streams. He went on to call the situation “unlucky,” something that probably kicked off the banter. The YouTuber quipped:

“Why have they only got 887,033 streams? Unlucky, guys.”


However, KSI did note that the music video has received more than 6 million views:

“Wait, but their song came out April the 27th! Bro, it’s almost been out for a month, and I have more streams in a week. There is no way! I’m pretty sure the music video got views, though. Bro, 6.3 million views! That makes no sense.”


On video views, Easy is far behind Dogs as the former barely has a million views on YouTube while the latter recently reached the 6.5 million mark.

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