Don’t we look alike…? ~Comments made by actress Kate Beckinsale with a resemblance to actor Ryan Reynolds

Kate Beckinsale in one of her recent interviews shared out her thoughts saying that: “I found many alike features between me and actor Ryan Reynolds, we might have been twin siblings in a miss-case”.

In a recent interview Kate Beckinsale just opened up with her thoughts and said out that “her looks and the actor Ryan Reynolds looks are most similar, she feels and believes that they both might have been twin siblings”.

She also shared one of her experiences in this way “sometimes whenever I see my poster on either side of buses, I feel that I am damn hotter but, later if I see it at the closest view, to my wonder! It’s not me and its Ryan Reynolds”.

As an answer to this Jimmy, the one who is interviewing Kate, expressed his disbelief hilariously. Then, Jimmy tried showing both of their portraits on the screen and made clear that he finds no resemblance between both of them in any sort.

However, Kate understood that Jimmy was unable to find out the similarities. She replied to him saying that “it’s quite weird, right.!”.

But, actress Kate predominantly in a jovial manner says that “I find many similar looks in both of us”.

Apart from this slot, actor Ryan might feel admired and mostly flattering, hearing to actress Kate comments about their alike looks.

Actress Kate Beckinsale is damn hotter as in all her social media posts, so such a hot beauty sensational comments in their both alike looks will definitely be a relishing compliment ever to Ryan Reynolds.