Kendall Jenner went new blonde hair look at the Burberry’s London Fashion Week

The Burberry’s London Fashion Week gave a new look to the 23-year-old supermodel, Kendall. It was her brand-new experience with a blonde hairdo and was pretty amazing! While walking the runway during the fashion event on Monday, she was indulged in showing off her lighter locks.

Kendall has been a famous star since she was cast in the very famous show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The actress also uploaded a video with a caption ‘hi’ on it via her official Instagram handle. In it, she showed her highlighted hair’s close up view and looked really satisfied.

Not many days ago, Kendall was witnessed flaunting her classic brunette hair during the NY Fashion week. Thus, this look is now confirmed as a quite recent change in her hairs. Many assume that this change might just be done for the London Fashion Week.

However, some also say that Kendall is inspired for such hair from her fellow Bella who has blonde hair for some months. She and Kendall appeared alongside each other on the runway. This lady has continually been famous and catching the highlights through her different attractive hairstyles.

During the Halloween on Oct 2018, she was dressed as a fembot with a blonde wig.  Also, earlier this year, her bangin’ look stole the hearts of many. Apart from that, she is also known for other impressive looks during different events.