Kevin Hart Sex Tape Partner Montia Sabagg Sues him for $60 Million

As per the reports, it’s been reported that 28-year-old model Montia Sabagg goes on to claim that she was recently recorded having consensual intercourse with Kevin Hart in a hotel in Las Vegas. In the 38-page complaint, she is said to accuse Hart, Jonathan “JT” Jackson, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and other such companies regarding the nuance of emotional distress, carelessness, violation of privacy.

Sabagg goes to claim that in the suit that she “had no knowledge that the intimate activity” shown in the video of her and Hart was “being recorded”.

In the video, as per Sabagg she was naked from the waist down and engaged in private, consensual sexual relations with Kevin Hart were published online on September 2017.

It’s been two years and Sabagg now accuses Hart of permitting his friend, JT Jackson to “install a hidden video recording device in the hotel room and record their sexual intercourse”.

The lawsuit is said to mention that Hart conspired along with Jackson to get a tremendous financial benefit for him, by creating a buzz for Hart’s reckless tour.

The lawsuit also mentions that Hart did it all for media publicity through the mode video, in order to increase his overall pop culture status.

As per the latest reports, Sabagg is demanding $60 million in damages along with all rights the sex tape transferred to her, she also asked all the copies of the sex tape to be destroyed.