KFC in Atlanta deal with Beyond Meat to offer “Plant-Based Chicken”

KFC has started offering meatless chicken from the plant-based food company Beyond Meat. The KFC Franchise near the SunTrust Park baseball stadium in Atlanta offers this amazing plant-based chicken. This deal makes the KFC, Atlanta first fast-food restaurant to serve plant-based chicken.

KFC is not the only one which serves this Beyond fried chicken. As several other fast-food restaurants including Burger King and Dunkin has also partnered with this plant-based company. The meatless chicken will be available in nuggets and boneless wings. It will be available in three sauce options-Nashville Hot, Buffalo or Honey BBQ.

So, when Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A are fighting over the chicken sandwich. KFC is trying something different and more worthy. However, the competitor company Tyson Food Inc. has tried Plant-based Vegetarian nuggets.

Will this concept “Plant-Based Chicken” work as an alternative to the fried chicken?

Beyond meat founded in the year, 2009 produces plant-based chicken. It means the taste, texture and nutrient profile will remain the same as the chicken without killing any animal. Till then many restaurants signed plant-based meat deals. Now, KFC has initiated the same.

So, “Plant-Based Meat” is rapidly appearing in the menu of U.S and Canada restaurants. As a meat substitute, this concept is rising in popularity in U.S and Canada.

The CEO and Founder of Beyond Meat said in the press ” I saw people grew up with KFC. To bring Beyond Fried Chicken in KFC will be our collective ability to meet the consumer and accompany their journey. However, my only regret is not able to see colonel himself enjoying this moment.”

The KFC spokesperson said in a statement ” Our Customers will find it difficult to tell its a plant-based.” He added, ” this Beyond Fried Chicken tastes like chicken, our customers are going to say it a Kentucky Fried Chicken.”