KFC is launching new mac and cheese bowls this month

While debates on the best chicken sandwich continue on the internet, KFC is now inclining its attention towards mac and cheese.

On Thursday, the fast-food chain announced about a new addition in its 5 USD Fill Up menu, a Mac and Cheese Bowl. The customers will be able to buy the new Mac and Cheese Bowl at a KFC restaurant starting August 26.

As per KFC, the dish will be similar to its Famous Bowls, but with mac and cheese rather than mashed potatoes and gravy. The bowls will combine mac and cheese along with popcorn chicken and sprinkled with a three-cheese topping, said Kentucky Fried Chicken in a statement.

The consumers can even buy the bowls in the form of a combo with a chocolate cookie or a medium drink. And, for those who like things a little more spiced up, KFC also has a spiced-up variant with smoky Nashville hot sauce in the offering.

Bowl food is the latest trend which will not end anytime soon while mac and cheese have its own cult-like backing, said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer of KFC’s in the US. As such, it made the sense to come up with mac and cheese bowls as a side dish, Zahumensky added.

Well, seems like the menus of popular fast-food chains are experiencing a mac and cheese boom. Chick-fil-A had announced about adding its own mac and cheese to its permanent menu across the US previously this month, the first such new since 2017.

According to Amanda Norris from Chick-fil-A, mac and cheese is the classic comfort food and is the perfect pair with the fast-food chain’s nuggets, Original Chicken Sandwich as well as grilled chicken dishes and is also great as a snack.

While the new addition was the talk of the town, it appears that not everyone was happy with it.