Kurt Volker, the US special envoy for Ukraine, submits resignation

Kurt Volker, the US special representative for Ukraine, has resigned from his post, confirmed NBC News on Friday. Volker informed about his resignation to Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state on Friday but did not offer any public explanation.

Volker served in the special envoy role in an attempt to aid Ukraine to resolve its confrontation with Russia-sponsored militant separatists.

A whistle-blower complaint on Thursday alleged that Volker tried to coverup the damage done by the efforts of Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer to pressurize Ukraine on investigating Democrats. The complaint identified Volker among the officials advising Ukrainians on how to operate Giuliani’s campaign.

On Friday, the House officials announced that they had plans of interviewing Volker on Thursday in one deposition.

A source familiar with Volker’s resignation told NBC News that stepping down from the post will let Volker remain freer. He will be able to say what he feels when Congress calls him to testify about Ukraine and Trump administration.

The source further said Volker was attempting to create a firewall between his other ventures and government work to protect the former.

Neither the state department nor Volker has commented on the matter.

Congressional Democrats now are carrying out an impeachment probe of Trump. They have also asked Volker to submit a testimony concerning Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

During the phone call, Trump pressed Zelensky to investigate ex-Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. as well as other Democrats. Volker wasn’t a part of this phone call between Trump and Zelensky. However, he is still a major player in whistle-blower complaints.

The stock markets until now have hugely dispelled the impeachment probe. Even if the House of Representatives did impeach Trump, it won’t affect his post unless the Senate discovered him guilty.

Student-run news publication State Press was the first to report about Volker’s resignation.