Lady Gaga falls off from stage while performing during Las Vegas concert

Lady Gaga left her fans startled on Thursday night during her recent Enigma show held in LA when she tumbled off the stage.

As per videos uploaded on social networks, Gaga had invited a fan named Jack onstage for dancing with her. However, Jack suddenly lost his balance when she jumped into his arms while dancing. This, unfortunately, led to the two plummeting backward, into the audience.

In the videos, the ‘Edge of Glory’ singer was seen falling off the stage on her back, with Jack covering her on top.

This video footage posted online raised concerns of hundreds of Gaga fans related to the singer’s wellbeing.

However, the fans who were seated close by rushed immediately to help the two. The security guards also came in to help the star, who was back on stage in no time.

After the mishap, the ‘Pokerface’ singer assured the audience that everything is ‘OK.’

In fact, Gaga even went ahead to console Jack who was upset about the fall. She hugged him and asked him to promise her to forgive himself for what happened. Moments later, an upbeat Gaga began performing on ‘Million Reasons,’ with Jack by her side.

It is ‘amazing,’ said the singer to lighten up the environment. The two love one another so much that they feel from the stage while in each other’s arm, chuckled Gaga.

As per fans, the star finished off her performance normally.

The following day, Gaga took to her Instagram handle to tell her fans that she is doing fine. The singer shared a snap of her hand under one X-Ray machine, informing that she was examined thoroughly by the doctors.


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When they have to X-Ray almost your entire body…Just Dance. Gonna be ok👌

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Notably, Lady Gaga began her Las Vegas residency performances with 2 shows in December at Park MGM: ‘Enigma’ as well as ‘Jazz & Piano.’