Lakefront Brewery recalls beer due to the risk of exploding bottles

Lakefront Brewery recalls beer due to the risk of exploding bottles


Lakefront Brewery has recalled one of its beers due to a risk that the bottles might explode.

The Wisconsin-based brewery took to Instagram and said that any person with their ‘My Turn Junk’ beer should carefully dispose or refrigerate them.

According to the post, apparently, a small quantity of wild yeast derived from cherries and utilized to brew could build pressure in the bottle. The reaction of this may cause a risk for explosion, the brewery further noted.

Lakefront Brewery took the decision of voluntarily recalling the brew after 3 bottles of it exploded, reports WTVR. No cases of formal complaints or injuries have been reported until now in association with the recalled brew.

Though the bottles might be at a risk for explosion, the beer is apparently safe for consumption. The issue seems to crop up entirely from the cherries utilized to brew which might continue to ferment and cause a build-up of carbon dioxide pressure within the bottle.

As per a report by WTVR, Michael Stodola, who works with Lakefront Brewery, has confirmed about the problem. He said that things get unpredictable when dealing with nature. The yeast continually eats the sugars and release carbon dioxide as well as alcohol resulting in the build-up pressure inside the bottles, Stodola added.

The beer is a part of the brewery’s ‘My Turn’ series where an opportunity to developer their own brew is given to each employee, reports WTVR. Reportedly, the brew ‘My Turn Junk’ was created by Andy Jungwirth.

Upon hearing the recall news, Jungwirth was very disappointed and said that Lakefront Brewery wouldn’t likely create another batch of the series.

Lakefront is extending a refund to any of its customers who might have the recalled beers. They simply have to take an image of the printed label and send an email to the brewery latest by 1 October to receive a refund.

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