Lakers Guard Rajon Rondo Breaks Down Mighty Pass For Anthony Davis’ Buzzer Beater

Lakers Guard Rajon Rondo Breaks Down Mighty Pass For Anthony Davis' Buzzer Beater

The LA Lakers snatched an important game two victory from the hands of the Nuggets. While it seemed the Nuggets had completed yet another comeback, Anthony Davis hit a game-winning buzzer-beater three. The Lakers escaped from the jaws of defeat, and the man who orchestrated that play spoke about it.

Rajon Rondo was the man behind the pass and broke down what he saw on the floor before he made that pass.

“I think I made eye contact with every player on my team on that play. My first look was Kenny backdoor, wasn’t there. Danny backdoor, wasn’t there. LeBron and I looked but he didn’t move and then I saw AD on the outside and tried to get it to him on time and on target. I had Joker on me so obviously I couldn’t throw a lob pass, and he did the rest.” 

Lakers clutch a win out from the jaws of defeat

Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis makes the game-winning basket against Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic during the fourth quarter in game two of the Western Conference Finals of the 2020 NBA Playoffs. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We can’t say enough about AD’s game-winner. After we saw the struggles of LeBron James in the fourth quarter, there was a genuine fear that the Lakers may fall to a game two loss.

However, AD saved the Lakers from bowing down to that fate and won the game. James’s calamitous fourth quarter was forgiven, while Nikola Jokic’s fourth-quarter comeback went to waste.

Rondo’s passing prowess has always been known, but he is making a stronger case for one of the best passers of the modern era. When you have two of them in one team (LeBron being the other), the danger you pose is significant. However, they are pointless if players cannot finish.

The Lakers finished their shots tonight. There were multiple players who stepped up in the fourth to score buckets. AD scored his two three-pointers in the fourth off assists. One by Rondo and one by LeBron. Passing is making this team click, and hopefully, it will carry them to stronger form.

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