Linda Tripp dies at 70 following pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Former White House employee, Linda Tripp, passed away Wednesday morning following a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Daily Mail reports that Tripp’s death was peaceful, with her husband and daughter at her bedside.

The well-known civil servant, whose taped conversations with Monica Lewinsky nearly brought down the Clinton presidency, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer less than a week ago when she took herself to hospital suffering from stomach pains.

Her husband Dieter Rausch and their daughter Allison Foley were the only relatives allowed to be in Tripp’s room in the ICU due to coronavirus protocols.

There will be no funeral due to the pandemic but a private interment and a memorial service are planned for a later date.

Tripp is survived by her husband Dieter Rausch, her daughter, and a son named Ryan.

She had seven grandchildren and described them as the ‘joys of our lives’.

Tripp was 70 years old.