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Johnny Depp already testified, and Amber Heard returns to the witness stand Tuesday, May 17 in the former Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s exceedingly high-profile, $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. The proceedings are taking place in Virginia’s Fairfax County Courthouse.

Today’s proceedings is expected to begin with the resumption of Heard’s testimony. The trial runs Monday through Fridays now, starting at 9 AM ET.  At the close of proceedings on May 5, Judge Penney S. Azcarate told the Hollywood actors and their respective legal teams that she wanted closing arguments to take place on May 27.

Both sides are presenting their cases before a seven-person jury, the judge, and a growing online audience. Heard had been on the stand for two days when the court paused from a break from May 9 – 12. Depp’s cross-examination from Heard’s lawyers finished on April 21.

Before Heard, the defense’s first witness was forensic psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes. Hughes testified about allegations Heard was subject to domestic and sexual violence by Depp. In cross, Depp’s attorneys attempted to undermine her knowledge of the couple’s relationship.

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Below is a link to  the May 5 testimony from the Fairfax County Courthouse provided by Law & Crime Network for those who want to catch up.

In his early testimony, Depp said he was fighting back against Heard’s accusations, in part, for his children’s sake. At the beginning of the defense’s case, Heard’s team motioned to have the case dismissed, as is required under Virginia law. It was quickly denied, as was expected.

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