Lizzy Savetsky actually left ‘RHONY’ after behind-the-scenes controversy

A brand new member of Bravo’s revamped, racially diverse “Real Housewives of New York City” left the show after her husband repeated the N-word on set while recounting a discussion between two of its stars, Page Six has learned.

Last Wednesday, we reported that Lizzy Savetsky had left the show before she’d even wrapped her first season, saying that she’d suffered a wave of anti-Semitism.

“From the time [it was announced she was joining the cast],” she said, “I was on the receiving end of a torrent of [anti-Semitic] attacks. As this continued, I realized that this path was no longer right for me and my family.”

Lizzy Savetsky
Lizzy Savetsky said she left the show because of a barrage of anti-Semitic abuse online. But we hear there’s more to the story of her exit.
Instagram/ Lizzy Savetsky

And while we’d heard there was more to the story, production insiders downplayed other drama beyond the online bullying.

Now it turns out that, in fact, things went off the rails big time a few weeks ago while Savetsky was filming a scene with co-star Brynn Whitfield, and got worse from there.

Brynn Whitfield
Brynn Whitfield had an awkward exchange with Savetsky over religious customs.
Instagram/ Lizzy Savetsky

We’re told Whitfield asked Orthodox Jew Savetsky, who has a reputation as a matchmaker if she’d set her up with a Jewish man. But Savetsky said that — while she has no problem with Jews dating gentiles — she prefers only to set up Jews with other Jews, sources said.

The cast of RHONY
The show rebooted for this season with a more racially diverse cast.
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Im

She added that Orthodox Jews favor marriages between Jews to preserve the ethnic lineage. We’re told that she explained that Judaism is not just a belief system, but also a people.

Sources say that Whitfield felt affronted, and said something to the effect that Savetsky’s terminology sounds like that used by “horrific people [meaning Nazis] who did evil things to your people” would take, which shocked Savetsky.

According to multiple insiders, the tension caused by the scene led to an off-camera phone call between Savetsky and Whitfield, during which they discussed the power of racial slurs.

We’re told that Whitfield, who is half-Black, used the N-word during the call, but rather than using the term “N-word” she said the word it represents in full. We’re told that Savetsky got the impression that Whitfield planned to tell other cast members that Savetsky had also used the N-word during the call.

Brynn Whitfield
Whitfield had a phone call with Savetsky, where they discussed the power of racial slurs. But the conversation created more problems.
Instagram/ Lizzy Savetsky

Sources say that Savetsky’s husband, Dr. Ira Savetsky, was outraged and reported the alleged incident to the show’s producers.

But we’re told that when he recounted the call, Ira also said the actual word rather than saying “the N-word.”

We hear he later apologized, but the damage was done and we’re told that that’s when “conversations began” about the pair exiting the show.

Insiders were keen to point out that Savetsky really did also experience an overwhelming volume anti-Semitism online, and that the N-word incident alone was not the sole reason for her leaving the show.

The episode is something of an irony.

Before that last season of “RHONY,” the network had been getting heat because of its all-white cast. In an attempt to redress the issue, producers added the show’s first Black cast member, Eboni K. Williams.

But that experiment ended in disaster when Williams accused a fellow cast member of racism, sparking a major third-party investigation that effectively ended the show as we know it.

Bravo announced in the spring that it planned to overhaul the show with a brand new, racially diverse cast. But the network appears to have stepped straight into a race scandal, despite going to great pains to avoid exactly that.

The cast now includes creative director Sai De Silva, model and philanthropist Ubah Hassan, home renovation guru Erin Dana Lichy, former J.Crew president Jenna Lyons, fashion publicist and brand consultant Jessel Taank, and Whitfield.

Bravo declined to comment, and a rep for Savetsky declined to comment.