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Long Island politician caught trying to swap drugs for sexual favors

Long Island politician caught trying to swap drugs for sexual favors

A Long Island pol, who is also a renowned physician, was arrested Tuesday in a sting operation after allegedly trying to swap pills for sexual favors, according to a report.

Dr. William Spencer, a legislator for Suffolk County’s 18th District, was nabbed in a parking lot behind a Goodwill store where he believed he was meeting a woman, sources told NBC New York


But he was set up by a task force led by the Suffolk County district attorney’s office, along with Suffolk and Nassau County police, the sheriff’s office and agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the outlet reported.

In addition to being a legislator and a well-regarded doctor, Spencer is also an ordained minister. He now faces drug-related charges, the report said.

Spencer couldn’t be reached for comment by The Post on Tuesday night. The DA’s office didn’t return calls or emails on Tuesday night.

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