Marvel’s What If…? Episode 6 Recap: From Killmonger Saving Tony Stark to a Wakandan, 10 Plot Twists That Happened in Disney+ Animated Series

Marvel’s What if…? had its episode six premiere and it was an interesting one. The episode featured a few alternate events for the first Iron Man film and saw Tony Stark being saved by Killmonger in Afghanistan. It was great seeing Tony Stark interacting with Killmonger and the episode featured some great plot twists to the first Iron Man film. What If…? Episode 5 Recap: From Spider-Man to Avenger Zombies, 10 Major Events That Happened in Marvel’s Disney+ Series (SPOILER ALERT).

The episode was mainly focused around Killmonger and his schemes to reach to the top. So with that being said let’s take a look at all the plot twists from episode six of Marvel’s What if…? What if…? Episode 5 Review: Marvel Meets the Walking Dead for Some Grisly Zombie Thrills in Disney+ Series’ Latest Outing (News Brig Exclusive).

Killmonger Saving Tony Stark

The episode starts out with what its name suggests. The episode starts out with Tony in Afghanistan just like in the first Iron Man film getting ambushed by The Ten Rings Organisation. Only difference here being that Tony is saved by Killmonger rather than being taken in by the organisation.

Killmonger Exposing Obadiah Stane

When Tony promotes Killmonger to CCO of Stark Industries in front of the press for saving him, Tony gets asked by a journalist if anything is suspicious about Killmonger. To which Killmonger replies by saying that he was hired by Obadiah Stane to kill Tony.

In Pursuit of Vibranium

When Tony agrees to help Killmonger build his humanoid droids, they realise that they need a whole lot of Vibranium to make it work. This leads Stark to send Rhodey to Klaue to make a black market deal for a whole lot of Vibranium.

The Death of Black Panther

When the deal gets ambushed by Black Panther, Killmonger ends up subduing him and killing him in the process. Its then revealed that Killmonger and Klaue had their own deal and he ends up killing Rhodey. This leads to a war between Wakanda and the USA.

Killmonger vs Tony

Killmonger then reaches back to Stark’s house where he is greeted by Tony himself. Tony reveals that he knows that Killmonger killed Rhodey and threatens him. Stark then reveals that he used the Vibranium given to him by Killmonger to make the drone work and this leads to a fight between them.

Death of Tony Stark

After Killmonger is successful in defeating the droid, he impales Tony Stark with a spear and reveals to him that this was his plan all along. He then meets General Ross to discuss a war with Wakanda.

Killing Klaue

After everything is set for a war with Wakanda, Killmonger meets with Klaue to get him into the country before the war could start. This leads to Killmonger killing Klaue and bringing him as a gift to the Wakandans. This leads to Killmonger being accepted by Wakanda.


After General Ross sends in the drones, Killmonger fights alongside the Wakandans to defeat them. This helps him earn the trust of the Wakandans and become a part of the country.

Becoming Black Panther

After the battle Killmonger is given the herb to become Black Panther. In the Astral Plane he is greeted by T’Challa where Killmonger reveals he will open up the secrets of Wakanda to the world. We then see him don the Black Panther outfit.

Shuri Meets Pepper

In the final scene we see Shuri meet Pepper where Shuri tells her that Killmonger was behind the death of Stark.

Marvel’s What if…? streams every Wednesday at 12:30pm on Disney+ Hotstar.

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