McDonald’s to work with Beyond Burger for new trials

McDonalds is all set to expand the trials for plant-based burgers in Canada with Beyond Burgers from January 14. According to the food giant, the expansion will lead to trials for the plant-based burgers in 52 restaurants more than earlier in Ontario.

The announcement further stated that the trial for Beyond Burger’s plant-based products will be for three months.

The news has come after Impossible Foods denied taking up the deal stating the sheer numbers of the order as the reason.

Pat Brown, the CEO of the company in his recent interview, said that the company can’t take up the deal due to its quantity of production. Furthermore, Brown stated that they need to scale their production higher rather than looking for clients.

Besides, Impossible Foods stated that they wished to increase production to better cater to the needs. Brown further stated that the company will henceforth increase its capacity twice the earlier capacity.

Brown expressed the firm’s interest to have McDonald’s as their customer for the project as well.

Till the time the company will scale up the production to twice, the clients should not be bothered.

The US has about 14,000 outlets of McDonald’s whereas the Impossible Foods cater to around 15,000 burger outlets all around. Amongst the clients of the Impossible Foods are outlets in Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US. Furthermore, speculations are that the US McDonalds will soon be introducing these plant-based burgers in its outlets.

By estimations of the Swiss bank, UBS, the outlets saw about 20 to 30 plant-based burgers sold per day. The estimation was done in the first twelve weeks of the trail and saw about 100 of the burgers sold in busy places.

Furthermore, the bank stated that McDonald’s will be able to sell nearly 250 million of the burgers with outlets all over the US.