Medicare will cover pioneering cancer treatment nationwide

Medicare will cover pioneering cancer treatment nationwide

On Wednesday Medicare announced that it would cover modernized and highly-priced cancer treatment in the United States of America. The Trump government took this decision to save the lives of millions of American citizens.

There are citizens for whom cancer treatment is unbearable. Due to lack of proper treatment, patients are expiring much before their time has come.

The American government set up Medicare in the year 1966. Medicare, the national health insurance program ensures that people aged above 65, young people with disability since birth, etc. would receive hassle-free insurance coverage. In the year 2018, 59.8 million Americans benefitted from this health insurance coverage.

Seema Verma, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said that only the regional administrators took this decision.

As the local administrators made such a vital decision, therefore it led to confusion among the masses. Seema also goes onto say that by the end of May, the decision formed.

The department was struggling to figure out how to cover the bills of the patients. The treatment cost for CART- cell therapy can vary between $375,000 to $475,000.

Apart from this, there are other expenses which include doctor fees, duration of stay in the hospital, medicines, etc.

Why is Medicare introducing health insurance coverage for cancer treatment in the United States of America?

The treatment is costly. It is not possible for any average income holding American family to pay for their CART-cell therapy treatment. It leads to the death and loss of loved ones.

Therefore, the government has introduced health insurance coverage for this kind of specialized medical treatment. Verma goes onto say she doesn’t have any idea till when the system would pay for the specialized cancer therapy. The procedure is extremely costly, and financial strains are suffered by the department as well.

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