Miami Beach orders customers and employees to cover face in grocery stores, pharmacies starting April 7

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines Friday recommending people cover their face in public to prevent the spread of coronavirus, one South Florida city made it an order.

Customers, employees and delivery workers in Miami Beach must cover their faces in grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurant facilities starting Tuesday, April 7, according to the city’s latest emergency order.

That doesn’t mean you should rush out to find medical or surgical N95 masks. Those are still in short supply and need to be reserved for healthcare personnel and other first responders who need them.

You can use face masks, homemade masks, scarves, bandannas, handkerchiefs, or really anything that covers your nose and mouth.

Covering your face should complement — not substitute for — social distancing practices, the city said. It’s a good idea to cover your face when you’re in public, including when you’re going to other essential businesses. The city is also encouraging establishments to have employees use gloves and masks if they’re available.

The city also extended its “safer at home” order through Thursday, April 9.