Miami Heat’s Duncan Robinson Reveals How The Los Angeles Lakers Bench Trash-Talked Him

Miami Heat's Duncan Robinson Reveals How The Los Angeles Lakers Bench Trash-Talked Him

Players in the NBA have the most random nickname origin stories. From nicknaming yourself to being christened with one by the fans as a joke, the league has seen it all. Miami Heat sharpshooter Duncan Robinson was part of the latter and was called Sheen from Jimmy Neutron.

During a podcast with FOX’s Mark Titus and Tate Frazier, Robinson was told by the show hosts that many people on the internet said that he looks like Sheen. But Robinson had an interesting reply.

“I’m ok with it,” Robinson said. “My only problem with that is I get Jimmy Neutron as well. I can’t be both. Like that doesn’t even make sense. How can I be two characters from the same show? During the Finals, the Lakers bench was yelling Jimmy Neutron at me so I don’t understand how I can be Sheen and Jimmy.”

Robinson was later told that other Twitter users think he resembled Andy from Toy Story 3, Sid from Toy Story, Woody, a human version of Bojack Horseman, and even McNulty twin from Rugrats. He replied, “In general, people like comparing me to very ordinary generic people. It’s an endearing thing because I’m themselves but playing in the NBA. Which is cool. It’s like I’m just a regular guy.” 

From D3 college to Miami Heat

After having his breakout season at 26, Robinson can be termed as a late bloomer. But the way he rose up the ranks is inspirational. In 2013, he was playing for a D3 college before he transferred to Michigan. He played for three years with the Wolverines and declared for the 2018 NBA Draft.

But he went undrafted and was later picked up by the Heat for their G-League team. Robinson had featured in 15 games for the Heat that season but it wasn’t significant.

Then in the 2019-20 season, he played four games off the bench for the Heat, before cementing his place in the starting lineup. With his excellent catch & shoot ability and off-ball movement, he terrorized defenses across the league with this outside shooting.

Miami Heat guard Duncan Robinson passes the ball while under pressure by Los Angeles Lakers guard Danny Green during the first quarter of game three of the 2020 NBA Finals. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson stayed consistent in the playoffs too and played a huge part in keeping the series alive against the Lakers. But unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as the Lakers won in six games. Robinson has sealed his place among the elite shooters of the league currently and will be looking forward to helping them make a similar run in the upcoming season too.

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