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Mourners continue to pay tribute to RBG at Supreme Court building

Mourners continue to pay tribute to RBG at Supreme Court building

Crowds continued to pay their respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg outside the Supreme Court in Washington D.C. Saturday.

The sidewalk outside the iconic columned structure was filled with piles of flowers, signs and candles, after a fence and temporary wall were erected overnight to block access to the steps of the building.

Friday night, as word of Ginsburg’s passing spread, hundreds gathered on the steps of the court in an spontaneous vigil that included many reciting the kaddish, or Jewish prayer for the dead. Flowers and other tributes left by the crowd were removed by Saturday morning.

Among those who stopped by in the early morning hours Saturday was California Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, and her husband Douglas Emhoff. “Justice Ginsburg was a titan — a relentless defender of justice and a legal mind for the ages,” she tweeted.

Several liberal organizations, including the Women’s March, Planned Parenthood Action and Demand Justice, planned a second vigil at the court for Saturday night. Similar gatherings are being held in various locations around the country.

Separately, Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced that landmarks across the state will be lit blue in recognition of Ginsburg, including One World Trade Center, the Grand Central Terminal – Pershing Square Viaduct, the Kosciuszko Bridge, Niagara Falls and the Mid-Hudson Bridge. “Blue is the color of justice and was reportedly Justice Ginsburg’s favorite color,” Coumo’s statement said.

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