Nazneen Contractor and others in Hallmark’s romcom drama

Hallmark brings yet another romantic movie, The Perfect Pairing, this weekend. It revolves around an influential wine and food critic, Christina, finding love in a place she never imagined.

She visits a winery she once visited in the past. Hoping to leave before anyone recognizes her, she slips on ice and hits her head, resulting in memory loss.

Local winemaker and single father Michael Hollingbrook takes Christina in to help her recover. Along with jogging her memories, she helps Hollingbrook to throw an annual wine tapping party.

The official synopsis of The Perfect Pairing reads:

“When a tough as nails food critic slips and loses her memory while touring a winter winery, she discovers her true heart’s desires and new romance with a local Winemaker and his family but could lose it all when her true identity comes to light.”

Meet the cast of ‘The Perfect Pairing’

1) Nazneen Contractor plays Christina

Nazneen Contractor is known for her work on multiple projects, including The Border, 24, Covert Affairs, Heroes Reborn, Star Wars: Resistance, Ransom and A Winter Getaway. She will be seen playing Christina’s role in the upcoming Hallmark drama.

Contractor became serious about pursuing acting as a career at the age of 16 when she was studying in Toronto. She was born in Mumbai, India and grew up in Nigeria. She attended boarding school in London before her family finally settled in Toronto. Contractor is currently married to Canadian actor Carlo Rota and the couple is blessed with two children.

2) Brennan Elliott as Michael Hollingbrook

Brennan Elliott has been working as a professional actor for 20 years. He started his partnership with Hallmark in 2013 when he appeared in Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove

series. After receiving rave reviews for Christmas in Vienna, he will be seen playing Michael Hollingbrook in yet another Hallmark flick, The Perfect Pairing.

He has also appeared in several TV series including String Medicine, Cold Case, The 4400, Grey’s Anatomy, UnReal and The Crossword Mysteries.

In personal life, Elliott is married to Cami Elliottouple, a cancer survivor. They are parents to two kids as well.

3) Zarina Rocha as Britney

Zarina Rocha plays Britney Hollingbrook in 'The Perfect Pairing' (Image via Hallmark)
Zarina Rocha plays Britney Hollingbrook in ‘The Perfect Pairing’ (Image via Hallmark)

Zarina Rocha will play Britney Hollingbrook, daughter of Michael, in the upcoming Hallmark flick. She is a child artist who has done a few projects like Odd Squad (2020), Misha (2019), The Fairy OddParents (2003), and Go, Dog, Go (2021).

In addition to the aforementioned cast, The Perfect Pairing’s full actors’ list include:

  • Art Hindle as John
  • Genelle Williams as Diane
  • Shauna MacDonald as Eleanor
  • Richard Waugh as Gene
  • Steve Byers as Kevin
  • Robert Clarke as Sam
  • Ronica Sajnani as Phyllis
  • Neil Whitley as Dr. Grayson
  • Fallon Bowman as B&B Employee
  • Beth Hornby as Betsy
  • Connor Thompson as Head Waiter
  • Darla Biccum as Porter
  • David Rosser as Security Guard
  • Michael Miranda as Train Attendant

Directed by Don McBrearty, the romcom drama is all set to premiere Saturday, January 15, at 8.00 pm ET on Hallmark.