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Newsbrig Invited Entertainment Personality Sean Borg to tell us — “How He Got the Look?”

Tori Holland



In need of some tips on how to dress relaxed and trendy and get away with it?

Some guys can pull it off. Others need to work at it a little more.

But looking sharper than 99% of other guys is relatively simple and merely requires knowing how to do it right.

Achieving a look can be way more straightforward than you think.

Entertainment personality Sean Borg had the right idea when he attended a music concert a few weeks back. His look received a big thumb up from fashionistas young and old, and far and wide.

It can seem like there’s a lot to know about the right look, and there is. But you don’t have to be enrolled in a master class for fashion to have style. Grunge chic was defined in the 1990s, and it’s all coming back.

These days, more than ever before, men are keen on upgrading their everyday appearance — the kind of stuff encapsulated into short, but easy-to-remember principles and adages.

Ready-to-rock: 90s Grunge chic is coming back

We asked the Trivago guy to share with us his age-appropriate style tips for men when we asked Sean to open up his dress pantry and explain, “how he got the look”!

Sean, you looked uber cool when you attended Duran Duran’s concert the other week. Can you tell us a little about what went into the look?

“Firstly, my look wasn’t a big plan. I wanted to feel comfortable with what I was wearing. So the jeans were a must-have.

Some parts of my wardrobe were expensive, but you can also achieve it without having to spend a fortune.

He’s got the style. Sean Borg’s pop concert look…

First up. Sean wore a simple, black v-neck t-shirt that works excellent with this look. 

He says, “I bought the t-shirt at Target of all places. Nothing expensive—Fruit of the Loom.”

Sean said, “You can’t go wrong with a sharp but straightforward black t-shirt.”

Ace “GG” Supreme by Gucci Sneakers with Bumble Bees

“I wore ripped blue jeans. Whoever said you couldn’t wear trendy ripped jeans in your early 50’s…they work well on all age groups I think, and it works with this particular look.”

Expensive Tastes…

“A neat belt makes a good fashion statement. Mine happens to be Gucci, but I have many belts in my wardrobe that cost as little as $30 and look just as good.”

Sean says you don’t have to go, “GG,” – you can put this look together just as easy without a big brand name.

High-end Fashion: Sean’s “GG” Gucci belt

“For my footwear, I wore a comfortable pair of sneakers. My choice was Ace “GG” Supreme by Gucci Sneaker with Bumble Bees, with red Cole Haan socks. A pricey option, I know, but again, it’s easy to create the same look without having to break the bank. I love white tennis shoes too, and they would also work well with this casual attire.”

Patterned Style: John Varvatos printed long sleeve shirt

“John Varvatos designed my green and black printed long sleeve shirtjacket. I love Vavartos — his clothes accentuate the male frame. I had so many people write to me to ask where I got it. It was a win!”


And finally, to finish his look, Sean wore trendy Mala Beads — or prayer beads as they are also known.

New Religion: Mala Beads — or prayer beads as they are also known

“I wore the beads to finish off the look. I wouldn’t say I was religious, but I do believe in god. I attend the Center of Spiritual Living in Palm Desert often, and the beads were a gift from Dr. Joe. I wear them proudly. Not only are these a fashionable accessory, but they also have a deep and spiritual meaning.”

On his wrists, Sean wore a simple brown leather strap on one, and a vintage Rolex and VIP wristband on the other (of course he did.)

Accessorize! A simple brown leather wrist strap, a vintage Rolex and a VIP wristband

Sean said, “Don’t try too hard; if you do, you may end up looking and feeling uncomfortable, that is not a good look. It’s all about being relaxed and enjoying what you wear.”

He finishes off by saying, “Don’t forget a good spritz of your favorite cologne… Nothing like the smell of Tom Ford—Noir.”

This man has expensive tastes. Thanks, Sean. You are “on fleek” with this look… Come back soon, why don’t you!

Tori loves watching movies, TV and also trying new tips in Health and Lifestyle. As a family woman she also spends her free time in updating herself in knowing new things and experimenting them. As a Science graduate, Tori have a good knowledge in Health related topics. She used to contribute few articles related to Health & Lifestyle sections to some of the online media houses. She joined News Brig team recently as a full time writer for the above sections.


Hey Fashionistas…Camouflage Is Coming back!

Tori Holland



Camouflage Celebrities

That’s right; Camouflage is officially cool again. Not convinced?

Well, it seems to be attracting all age groups this time around. See how the stars are wearing it (then go and shop for it yourself!)

The print is hotter than ever, and it’s about to get a lot more attention in 2020 — popping up in unexpected ways on the bodies of trendsetting stars, including Brooklyn BeckhamSelena GomezSean Borg, and Heidi Klum all seem to be in love with the military-style print.

The print featured heavily on catwalks around the world last spring 2017, with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Nikki Lund featuring Camouflage in their shows and fashion shoots, proving the trend will be strong well into next year.

Some celebrities overdo do wearing the print. The key to pulling off this look is to wear it in moderation. Break it up! Backpacks, baseball caps, bomber jackets, or joggers, all work when expressing yourself with this look. So pick one piece to play up with the print with something non-patterned. Don’t be intimidated wearing it, start small, and then stand out!

Check out which celebs are going crazy for camo!

Selena Gomez

Camouflage Celebrities

The actress and popstar looked relaxed while rocking a camouflage jacket and black denim jeans as she walked through Midtown Manhattan. The singer isn’t the first celebrity to rock this trendy print, and we love her in this!

Sean Borg

Camouflage Celebrities


British TV personality Sean Borg is still considered to be a trendsetter at 52-years-old. The paparazzi seem to love him, whatever he wears. The stylish star is often spotted in the press, looking super-cool in camo prints, like these John Varvatos camouflage joggers.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo loves camo! Ms. Lopez appeared to be incognito when she was spotted in NYC, heading to her concert dressed in Guess camo sweatsuit with flip-flops. The entertainer teamed up with the fashion label for her “It’s My Party” tour. Her outfit is not for everyone’s taste, but we still think she looks every inch the star in this getup!

Nick Jonas

Pop singer and actor Nick Jonas keeps things casual in a green camouflage print while out and about in New York City. The former Disney star always looks trendy in whatever he wears. But he proves to be exceptionally stylish in this camo jacket.

Heidi Klum

Camouflage Celebrities

The former Supermodel and America’s Got Talent judge isn’t hiding from anyone in this camouflage outfit. She’s seen here at an airport wearing a matching camouflage print sweater and joggers. Heidi teams up her matching outfit wearing a leather jacket, studded handbag, and tall biker boots. These are just a few celebrities we’ve spotted sporting the camouflage print trend.

Brooklyn Beckham

This is the season of the Camouflage for sure. David Beckham’s son Brooklyn Beckham teams his camouflage gear with relaxed ripped jeans. Big luxury brands are coming out with their camo styles for 2020. Brooklyn was seen leaving a nightclub in Los Angeles in the early hours, looking slightly worse for wear in his trendy attire. Oh, to be young again!


International superstar and fashionista, RiRi modeled a River Island camouflage jumpsuit as she caught a flight in NYC. The singer is one perfect example of proving how popular this print is. The beauty and fashion icon is well known for her trendsetting ways, and Ri’s camouflage game is on point in this outfit!

Zac Efron

This Hollywood heartthrob seems to be getting hotter every day! Seen here, sending temperatures soaring with a freshly shaved face, the actor cut a relaxed figure in his camouflage shorts, topped with trendy shades while grabbing a snack in Studio City, CA. This boy is camo-cool!

Kanye West

These days, it seems superstar Kanye wears nothing but camouflage clothing. From camo bucket hats, camo parkas, camo T-shirts, camo cargos, with him it appears to be camo, camo, and camo all the way! Along with his entrepreneur wife, Kim Kardashian, they slowly incorporated a camouflage pattern into its last season collection of their fashion label Yeezy Clothing. This celeb couple loves their camo-prints.

Victoria Beckham

Even Victoria Beckham is getting in on the camo-craze. She added a camouflage military jacket to her collection, the price at a shocking £1195, (that’s about $1536 in the U.S) as seen online. Shocking. Even though the former spice girl looks pretty classy in it, we suggest you rummage through the racks at Old Navy or TJMaxx first!

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Is Kate Middleton be Jealous of Meghan Markle?

Tori Holland



Kate Middleton Jealous of Meghan Markle
Image Credit:

It is not a new rumor that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is jealous of her sister in law Kate Middleton. As she consistently making headlines since the time she became a member of the royal family. But despite what everyone says, it doesn’t seem like Duchess Kate will ever be jealous of Duchess Meghan.

Duchess Kate Middleton doesn’t have freedom like Duchess Meghan Markle

It is not speculation that Middleton has certainly strict standards than the Meghan Markle. There’s no doubt that their lives are totally different.

Kate Middleton has 3 children to raise. She supported and helped Prince William in ruling when he becomes King after his father, Prince Charles.

On the other hand, Meghan Markle married to Prince Harry has more freedom to act and do. Like she and Prince Harry have the freedom to extend vacations from the royal duties. They also have the ability to keep their family life out of the public spotlight.

However, Kate Middleton is duty-bound to share her children’s pictures on social media. And to maintain a social life also.

Even Meghan Markle can bend royal rules on occasions. Over the past years, Meghan has already broken a number of rules. It seems like there were not any real consequences of breaking those rules.

However, Kate, on the other hand, is not known to be a rule breaker. After all, within the next several decades, she is going to be a Queen.

Despite all the restrictions, it doesn’t seem like Kate would ever be jealous of Meghan. She is enjoying happy, healthy family life and accepting her role as a wife and mother.

The second reason why Kate would never be jealous of Meghan is being loved by the Press and people. Kate rarely found suffering from any bad publicity. She is the most beloved member of the royal family.

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Suzanne Somers, 73 and Husband Alan Hamel, 83 Take “Sex Shot” to Keep Their Sexual Life Alive

Tori Holland



Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel
Image Credit: Instagram/Suzanne Somers

It’s been almost 43 years to the marriage of Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel. The couple revealed that years have never affected their sex life. The actress told that the couple takes “sex shots” to keep their sex life alive.

The shots are of “PT-141“, a peptide, a ‘sexual stimulant to their routine that works on your brain. PT-141 is a melanocortin based peptide that makes the couple tearing off each other’s clothes twice a day. This peptide is used for sexual arousal and it actually helps the couple to be sexually active and alive.

Not only this, the couple takes bioidentical hormones to keep them feeling and looking young. These bioidentical hormones are made from plants and give the couple whatever their bodies are lacking. It’s a decade now since the time the couple is taking bioidentical hormones to keep them feeling and looking young.

“Sex shots” are not a drug like Viagra

Suzzane explained that “it’s a great thing”. As its a shot for both men and women but it’s not a drug like Viagra. It actually works on the brain and works as a sexual stimulant.

So it actually says like Hey I’m in Mood. The couple revealed that they take the shot once a week. When they take it, they actually have sex twice a day.

Suzzane Somers told that the hormones make Alan Hamel similar to the time when he was young. And at that time, Alan used to be in a good mood all the time. So he is now because of hormone replacement.

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