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Newsbrig Invited Entertainment Personality Sean Borg to tell us — “How He Got the Look?”

Tori Holland



In need of some tips on how to dress relaxed and trendy and get away with it?

Some guys can pull it off. Others need to work at it a little more.

But looking sharper than 99% of other guys is relatively simple and merely requires knowing how to do it right.

Achieving a look can be way more straightforward than you think.

Entertainment personality Sean Borg had the right idea when he attended a music concert a few weeks back. His look received a big thumb up from fashionistas young and old, and far and wide.

It can seem like there’s a lot to know about the right look, and there is. But you don’t have to be enrolled in a master class for fashion to have style. Grunge chic was defined in the 1990s, and it’s all coming back.

These days, more than ever before, men are keen on upgrading their everyday appearance — the kind of stuff encapsulated into short, but easy-to-remember principles and adages.

Ready-to-rock: 90s Grunge chic is coming back

We asked the Trivago guy to share with us his age-appropriate style tips for men when we asked Sean to open up his dress pantry and explain, “how he got the look”!

Sean, you looked uber cool when you attended Duran Duran’s concert the other week. Can you tell us a little about what went into the look?

“Firstly, my look wasn’t a big plan. I wanted to feel comfortable with what I was wearing. So the jeans were a must-have.

Some parts of my wardrobe were expensive, but you can also achieve it without having to spend a fortune.

He’s got the style. Sean Borg’s pop concert look…

First up. Sean wore a simple, black v-neck t-shirt that works excellent with this look. 

He says, “I bought the t-shirt at Target of all places. Nothing expensive—Fruit of the Loom.”

Sean said, “You can’t go wrong with a sharp but straightforward black t-shirt.”

Ace “GG” Supreme by Gucci Sneakers with Bumble Bees

“I wore ripped blue jeans. Whoever said you couldn’t wear trendy ripped jeans in your early 50’s…they work well on all age groups I think, and it works with this particular look.”

Expensive Tastes…

“A neat belt makes a good fashion statement. Mine happens to be Gucci, but I have many belts in my wardrobe that cost as little as $30 and look just as good.”

Sean says you don’t have to go, “GG,” – you can put this look together just as easy without a big brand name.

High-end Fashion: Sean’s “GG” Gucci belt

“For my footwear, I wore a comfortable pair of sneakers. My choice was Ace “GG” Supreme by Gucci Sneaker with Bumble Bees, with red Cole Haan socks. A pricey option, I know, but again, it’s easy to create the same look without having to break the bank. I love white tennis shoes too, and they would also work well with this casual attire.”

Patterned Style: John Varvatos printed long sleeve shirt

“John Varvatos designed my green and black printed long sleeve shirtjacket. I love Vavartos — his clothes accentuate the male frame. I had so many people write to me to ask where I got it. It was a win!”


And finally, to finish his look, Sean wore trendy Mala Beads — or prayer beads as they are also known.

New Religion: Mala Beads — or prayer beads as they are also known

“I wore the beads to finish off the look. I wouldn’t say I was religious, but I do believe in god. I attend the Center of Spiritual Living in Palm Desert often, and the beads were a gift from Dr. Joe. I wear them proudly. Not only are these a fashionable accessory, but they also have a deep and spiritual meaning.”

On his wrists, Sean wore a simple brown leather strap on one, and a vintage Rolex and VIP wristband on the other (of course he did.)

Accessorize! A simple brown leather wrist strap, a vintage Rolex and a VIP wristband

Sean said, “Don’t try too hard; if you do, you may end up looking and feeling uncomfortable, that is not a good look. It’s all about being relaxed and enjoying what you wear.”

He finishes off by saying, “Don’t forget a good spritz of your favorite cologne… Nothing like the smell of Tom Ford—Noir.”

This man has expensive tastes. Thanks, Sean. You are “on fleek” with this look… Come back soon, why don’t you!

Tori loves watching movies, TV and also trying new tips in Health and Lifestyle. As a family woman she also spends her free time in updating herself in knowing new things and experimenting them. As a Science graduate, Tori have a good knowledge in Health related topics. She used to contribute few articles related to Health & Lifestyle sections to some of the online media houses. She joined News Brig team recently as a full time writer for the above sections.


Instagram model Markdabeast1 shows off stunning physique

Tori Holland



Instagram model Markdabeast1 shows off stunning physique
Image Credit: Instagram/markdabeast1

Natural model Markdabeast1 treated his fans on Instagram with an eye-popping image recently, which certainly got several viewers infatuated. In the image, Mark, 25 can be seen in a locker room, exposing his stunning physique to the camera lens. The fitness model took off his shirt and struck a pose for capturing a selfie photo in the mirror.

He took the image as he wanted his fans to get a glimpse of his present physique for which he had worked extremely hard. He did not wish to hide his amazing physique anymore.

The idea charmed several of his Insta followers and the image received a massive 300 likes in minutes of getting posted. In fact, many Markdabeast1 fans also left comments on the image to let the model know-how ‘charming’ he is.

In association with Mark’s main page, he also operates another Instagram handle where he uploads never-before-seen video clips of himself. This enables his fans to get close to peeking into his lifestyle. The love Markdabeast1’s fans have for him can be determined from the no. of followers his secondary handle has amassed. Markdabeast1’s secondary Instagram account has garnered up to 56,000 additional followers.

What does a natural model mean?

As per a GuruObserver report, Mark is a model that believes to do things using natural ways, unlike several other models. He has not gone through surgeries or enhancement procedures to attain his fitness goals. Mark follows a nice nutrition plan and maintains his body by working out at the gym twice a day five times a week.

There is no secret to becoming a natural fitness model. You simply need to take good care of your physique and body. According to Markdabeast1, your body, as well as the mind, will get affected negatively if you opt for easy routes of surgery and enhancements.

Mark’s upbringing and career:

Most of Mark’s childhood was spent at Hometown Sacramento, Cali, US. He went to High School at Highlands High there. Mark was bullied in the school due to his unbranded clothes. However, his track coaches and teammates respected him a lot due to his athleticism.

In spite of getting bullied at school, Mark’s five sisters and three brothers always looked up upon him. He shifted out from his mother’s residence in 2012 and moved into his father’s house after arguments with his mom.

However, Mark also faced troubles when he lived with his father as he was a regular drinker. In the year 2014, Mark began working at one Community Centre and earned a fair amount. He then got himself a rented room and moved out of his father’s house.

In 2015, Mark began a career in modeling when the young athlete was invited to ‘Sacramento After Dark’ event. It was basically an event founded by photographers from Sacramento to offer opportunities to upcoming models.

What is Mark’s main focus now?

The main focus of Mark now is to keep on promoting a healthy and good lifestyle and motivate others that are also on a similar path like him. He recently has been receiving film roles to help him get more of experience in the acting industry as well.

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