Nokia 8.2 may feature a 32MP pop-up camera and Android Q

Nokia is all set to launch its new device. Reports don’t confirm the release date or month of the phone. Nokia officials said that Nokia 8.2 would succeed its ancestor Nokia 8.1.

Nokia 8.1 came into the market last year. A pop-up selfie camera is a special mention of the new phone.

According to sources, except Apple, every brand is bringing about modifications in their front camera. Nokia is not an exception. The sleek design of the new device is appealing.

Nokia is an old brand and happens to be a Finnish multinational company. The company is a matter of pride for the Finnish citizens.

The age of the company is 154 years, which reveals its experience in the field of technology. It is also the largest manufacturer of smartphones.

No other company was able to beat it only until smartphones arrived. Nokia is gaining its name and fame once again in the smartphone industry.

Finland’s GDP is dependent on this one particular company. Nokia’s total revenue for the year is €22.56 billion.

Nokia 8.2
Image: YouTube

What features to expect in the new Nokia 8.2?

Nokia 8.2 uses a Snapdragon 735 series processor. An unexpected front-facing camera which is of 32MP. A 256 GB of internal storage would come in Nokia 8.2.

The New Nokia 8.2 also features an 8 GB RAM. An Android Q

is yet another feature of the latest model. Officials of Nokia have not confirmed the date or month of release.

According to sources, based upon an estimation, the phone would land after the launch of Googles Android Q.

Company sources confirm that the tech experts are working to bring in 5G connectivity in the latest phone.

Therefore, customers can expect a good deal with all the recent technologies equipped in the newest model of Nokia.