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Norman Seabrook asks to serve prison term from home amid COVID-19

Norman Seabrook asks to serve prison term from home amid COVID-19

Disgraced ex-union boss Norman Seabrook is asking a judge to let him serve his 58-month prison sentence from home over coronavirus concerns — or wait until a vaccine is available, new court papers show.

Seabrook must surrender by Dec. 29 to begin his prison term, a judge had previously ruled. He was convicted in August 2018 of funneling $20 million in union funds into a bad investment in exchange for bribes.

But, Wednesday his lawyer requested that Seabrook be allowed to serve the term at home or be allowed to surrender to prison in the spring after he’s had “the opportunity to be appropriately inoculated against the COVID-19 pandemic when the COVID-19 medications become available later this winter,” lawyer Roger Alder said in a letter to a judge.

A spokesman with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office declined to comment.

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