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NYC admits it still hasn’t created regulations for ‘moped services’

NYC admits it still hasn't created regulations for 'moped services'

The city’s effort to regulate moped-share services has hit the skids, officials admitted Monday — nine months since they promised to set rules in response to three fatal crashes on Revel scooters in the span of 10 days.

“It’s delayed,” Department of Transportation Assistant Commissioner for Education and Outreach Kim Wiley-Schwartz said at an unrelated press conference in Queens, when asked about the status of the regulations.

“We’re working on it, is the answer,” DOT Commissioner Hank Gutman chimed in.

The city forced Revel off the road after the three fatal crashes last August, but allowed the company back on city streets a month later with some new safety protocols. Riders must now snap a “helmet selfie” before each ride and pass a safety test.

Revel also shifted its hours of operations to exclude midnight to 5 a.m. — times when its data showed a higher rate of crashes.

Revel scooters
The city has not updated regulations, despite it saying it would do so nine months ago.
Paul Martinka

At the time, then-DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg promised the city would create “a more formalized set of regulatory requirements for Revel or any other shared moped system that wants to come into the city.”

But on Tuesday, Gutman admitted that still hadn’t happened.

“What we did was we imposed restrictions on it, and the detailed regulations are still in the works,” Gutman said on Monday. “Safety was a major concerns last time, it’s a major concern now, and we’ll be keeping close watch on it.”

Lime and Revel scooters
Lime launched last month, with regulations close to its competitor Revel.

New York City’s shared moped market now also includes Lime, which launched its own service last month that mimics Revel’s safety protocols.

But both companies are operating without the type of regulatory framework that guides services like Citi Bike or the shared e-scooters set to launch in the Bronx this summer.

Gutman declined to provide a timeline for DOT’s moped rules.

NYPD removes an electric scooter
Revel was briefly taken off streets after three fatal crashes last August.
Paul Martinka

“As far as precise time for regulations, I don’t know but we can get back to you,” he said.

DOT reps did not return follow-up questions submitted via email.

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