NYC pol Juan Ardila facing calls to resign after sexual assault allegations

Controversial Queens Assemblyman Juan Ardila is facing calls for him to resign after two women came forward this week accusing him of sexual assault.

“Allegations made against Assembly member Ardila are deeply troubling and require a full and thorough investigation,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr.

“If these disturbing accusations against him are found to be true, Assembly member Ardila should resign,” Richards said.

Ardila, 29, is accused of forcibly touching two women at a 2015 party while they were intoxicated, with the Queens Chronicle reporting Monday that he had also allegedly kissed and exposed himself to one of them.

The women, who asked the paper to withhold their identities, said they came forward after finding out that Ardila had been elected to the Legislature in 2022.

The lawmaker did not deny their allegations — which have not been independently confirmed by The Post — in a statement released Tuesday but he did appear to apologize for his past actions.

“I want the public to know that I am deeply apologetic for my past behavior and acknowledge that my actions have caused great harm,” Ardila said.

“I recognize that this harm was not only to the individuals who came forward, but extends beyond these victims, and impacts survivors everywhere.”

Two women have accused Assemblyman Juan Ardila of sexually assaulting them at a 2015 party.

Yet, Ardila noted that he believes in “second chances” while expressing “hope” he will “earn one with our community” despite the calls on him to resign.

The first-term beep appeared unmotivated to take action on Ardila until City Councilman Robert Holden called Richards out by name while making his own case that Ardila was not fit to serve considering the allegations and other past behavior by the freshman legislator.

“Juan Ardila’s record of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, reckless driving and now sexual assault has disqualified him from office,” Holden said.

“His actions are reprehensible and unacceptable, and they should be disavowed at all costs by elected officials, like Donovan Richards, unions and other groups. Sexual assault must never be tolerated.”

Holden defeated Ardila in the 2021 City Council primary election.

Bob Holden looking severe at a press conference and microphone
City Councilman Robert Holden was the first Democratic pol to call on Ardila to resign.
Alec Tabak

Queens has taken on the largest portion of the migrants sent to the city.
Queens Borough President Donovan Richards says Ardila should resign for the public good following the sexual assault allegations.
James Messerschmidt for NY Post

Juan Ardila
Juan Ardila previously faced controversy for social media posts filled with anti-Semitic and homophobic rhetoric.

Democratic State Committee Member Danielle Brecker, who represents and Assembly district adjacent to Ardila’s, also called on him to resign via Twitter Tuesday over the “breach of trust for constituents.”

“These allegations must not be ignored. They are serious, disturbing, and the Assembly Member’s response has not been adequate,” she wrote. “The way forward is for Assembly Member Ardila to resign.”

Ardila apologized nearly one year ago after The Post revealed what he later called “offensive language” in past social media posts filled with racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic comments.

Ardila received support in the past from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose district includes parts of Queens, and other prominent progressives.

Some prominent progressives like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have yet to weigh in on the scandal engulfing Ardila, who has received their support in the past.

Other Queens pols have yet to weigh in on the matter — including state Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michael Gianaris, state Sen. Jessica Ramos, Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz and Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas – who all called on disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo to step down following allegations of misconduct from multiple women, which Cuomo denied.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, whose chamber moved toward impeaching Cuomo in 2021, did not provide comment Tuesday evening.

Politicians like Holden and Richards are making a similar case as Democrats did with Cuomo by invoking the public interest as a key resign for Ardile to resign.

“Trust in government cannot be possible without accountability from all who have been elected to lead our communities,” Richards said.