NYC Trinity School staffer out after Project Veritas video

A liberal administrator at a Manhattan private school, who was secretly recorded admitting to “promoting an agenda” on campus, is “no longer employed,” by the institution.

In a letter to parents Wednesday, posted on social media, the head of the Trinity School announced the departure of director of student activities Jennifer “Ginn” Norris. It’s unclear if she was fired, or if the parting was mutual.

The $60,000-a-year Upper West Side school said it is continuing its investigation into the footage published by Project Veritas, a controversial far-right activist group known to film undercover videos and bait progressives.

“Our principles are clear: bias of any kind or the threat of violence toward any person or group has no place at Trinity School,” wrote principal John Allman and Board of Trustees president David Perez.

“Our role as educators and as a school is to nurture children as they become responsible citizens,” they added.

Jennifer “Ginn” Norris is “no longer employed” by the Trinity School.
Project Veritas/YouTube
Jennifer “Ginn” Norris
The school said it will continue it’s investigation into the video.
Project Veritas/YouTube

Trinity has retained a lawyer to conduct an independent investigation over the incident — and Norris was placed on paid leave after the video went viral online earlier this month. The circumstances surrounding the recording aren’t clear, as the video was edited to cut between sound bites and doesn’t show the full interaction.

In the clip, Norris said she does not invite Republican guest speakers to the school and described “white boys… a huge contingent of them” as “just horrible.”

The sting was framed as a date between the educator and the undercover conservative activist, according to one of the clips. A timestamp on the video shows it was recorded in mid-June, just weeks after a Supreme Court opinion to overturn the right to abortion was leaked, sparking outrage among many progressives.

"Our principles are clear: bias of any kind or the threat of violence toward any person or group has no place at Trinity School," the principal wrote.
Norris said she didn’t not invite Republican guest speakers to the school.
Matthew McDermott

Trinity said it has since implemented an independent review of its protocols and practices related to inclusion and open inquiry. Those findings will be shared with the community, school officials said.

“We abhor discrimination of any kind and believe strongly that a diverse, inclusive community is vital to providing the kind of education to which we aspire,” Allman and Perez wrote.

Kevin Ramsey, a spokesperson for Trinity, declined to comment on individual personnel matters — referring The Post to Allman and Perez’s statement.

Norris did not respond to requests for comment.