Officials miss blatant taunting by Tyreek Hill

The taunting rule stinks. And it needs to go. Until it does, it needs to be enforced fairly and consistently.

On Sunday night in Kansas City, after the Bills took at 29-26 lead with 1:54 to play, the Chiefs responded. Five plays later, Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with receiver Tyreek Hill on a 64-yard catch-and-run. While running to the end zone, Hill threw up his trademark peace sign in the direction of an opponent who was chasing him to the end zone.

No flag was thrown for the obvious taunt. It should have been. The gesture is textbook taunting.

It’s a simple concept. Enforce the rule consistently, or get rid of it.

Although the Bills scored a touchdown on the next drive after the Chiefs kicked the ball into the end zone, the Chiefs should have been kicking off from their own 20. If Buffalo hadn’t answered with a touchdown, the failure to flag Hill would have been a major talking point.

It still shouldn’t be ignored. Until the rule goes away (and it should), the NFL must enforce it consistently and even-handedly.

Officials miss blatant taunting by Tyreek Hill originally appeared on Pro Football Talk