On 74th Independence Day, Akshay Kumar Announces ‘Together4India’ Initiative for Street Hawkers and Needy Vegetable Vendors (Watch Video)

On 74th Independence Day, Akshay Kumar Announces ‘Together4India’ Initiative for Street Hawkers and Needy Vegetable Vendors (Watch Video)

Actor Akshay Kumar on the occasion of 74th Independence Day urged people to come ‘together for India’ and help the street hawkers, the vegetable-tea shop owners, the people selling small items at the intersections, whose livelihood is affected due to coronavirus and lockdown. The ‘Mission Mangal’ actor in interaction with fans on Twitter shared a video message wherein he talked about his initiative ‘Together for India.’ The video initiated with a message that read, “On this independence day, come let’s do a promise to ourselves…” post which Akshay said. Karan Johar Returns to Instagram After Two Months Break; Filmmaker Pens an Independence Day Post

“Whenever I go out of home, these faces often get my attention, that old uncle who hopes that his bucket of bananas should be sold somehow, another one who thinks that his coriander and chillies should get sold before they get stale… that little sister who hides her tears in hope that someone would buy the flower garlands at the traffic signals saying “Please but it for 10.” As the video progresses with glimpses of people trying to sell items, the ‘Khiladi 786’ actor added, “All of them has become a part of our lives somewhere or the other… these people work honestly and even after all these efforts, they are not even able to earn Rs 50 in a day. Independence Day 2020: Amitabh Bachchan Shares a Beautiful Pic of Indian Flag Made Out of Vegetables (View Post)

They, along with their families have to sleep hungry… amid lockdown and rains, their work is almost finished.” Akshay then says, “Friends, can we get together and do something for them? Please make a promise to yourselves that we together will take care of these people just like a friend, we won’t ignore, we will try with each day to lessen the pain of one person every day… we will take care of their need sometimes and should help them earn… and If we take it as a collective responsibility, then probably no one in our country will starve… Jai Hind.”nThe video concludes with a message that read.

Check Out Akshay Kumar’s Tweet Below

“So help as much as you can … just don’t ignore.” Along with the video, the ‘Kesari’ actor noted, “We all know these people, we all have these people in our lives. On this #IndependenceDay, lets come together for them, lets come #Together4India. jisase jitanee ho sake utanee madad keejiye… bas nazarandaaz mat keejiye, share the way YOU care. Jai Hind.”

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