Pablo Escobar’s brother is trying to sell refurbished iPhone 11 Pros for $499

“This is my way of fighting Apple, I sell their phones at a lower price and mine are gold-plated with nice girls showing them off. Apple can never do that,” Roberto Escobar said in a (lewd) statement — the company’s YouTube channel is full of women in lingerie holding and smashing smartphones. Apparently Escobar has also filed a lawsuit against Apple seeking $2.6 billion.

What it all really comes down to is this: “Our goal is to uphold Mr. Escobar’s dreams of becoming the overstock king-pin and this is one step towards that direction,” said Escobar Inc. CEO Olof Gustafsson.

Personally, that’s not a cause I want to donate $499 to — and I do consider it a donation because it’s likely that only tech reviewers and influencers will ever receive the device. Though, some people may gamble for the chance to get the iPhone 11 Pro for $499 instead of its current retail price of $999.