Patrick Beverley Makes His Frustration Clear About Montrezl Harrell Signing with Lakers

Patrick Beverley Makes His Frustration Clear About Montrezl Harrell Signing with Lakers

Montrezl Harrell has moved homes. The reigning sixth-man of the year has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers on a two-year deal. This move comes as a shock, as Harrell was a Clipper last season.

Harrell is coming off a fantastic season with the Clippers. He averaged 18.6 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 1 block and assist each game. He had these numbers after coming off the bench and averaging close to 27 minutes a game.

Harrell is a fantastic addition to the Los Angeles Lakers. He is part of the rejuvenation process for the defending champions. The Lakers won the NBA Championship last season but had a clearly aging squad. The additions of Harrell and sixth-man runner-up Dennis Schröder are fantastic moves the Lakers have made to defend their championship this season.

Harrell has taken a smaller salary than people expected him to. He signed with the Lakers for 2 years and $19 million. Given Harrell’s performances this season, he could’ve garnered a lot more money. But Harrell may prioritize winning a championship over maximizing his salary at the moment.

Harrell’s agent, Rich Paul, has connections with the Lakers. Paul is also the agent of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, who play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Pat Bev reacts to Montrezl Harrell leaving

Clippers fans are very unhappy about Harrell leaving. After the Clippers lost to the Nuggets in the 2nd round of the playoffs, rumors emerged about a bust-up in the locker-room. Harrell and Paul George were rumored to have had a heated argument after game 7.

It is possible that the fallout with Paul George contributed to Harrell’s decision to exit. Or perhaps it was the stability and camaraderie of the Los Angeles Lakers that lured him to join them.

One person who is very unhappy about Harrell joining the Lakers is his former Clippers teammate Patrick Beverley. Pat Bev took to Twitter to comment on the deal. Replying to a Tweet with the news, Pat Bev just said “What” with the facepalm and swearing emoji.

Beverley, however, squashed rumors of animosity between the two with a follow-up tweet. Replying to Bleacher Report’s meme about their next meeting, Beverley replied, “Frfr happy for him”.

While Beverly and Harrell are good friends of the court, it will be an interesting match up when the Lakers play the Clippers on opening night. The two peers will be waiting to go against one another to prove a point.

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