Patrick Schwarzenegger Shares Rare Look Inside Abby Champion Romance

Patrick Schwarzenegger is thankful for a whole lot of love. 

As the holiday season approaches, the 29-year-old actor can’t help but celebrate his six-year relationship with girlfriend Abby Champion.

“She’s such a good girl,” Patrick told E! News in an exclusive interview. “She’s a hard worker, dedicated, determined. She moved here from Alabama to pursue her dreams to become a supermodel. She’s great.” 

And her dreams have turned into a reality. One look at the 25-year-old’s Instagram and you’ll spot Abby walking Fashion Week runways and modeling for world famous fashion brands. And sometimes, she may just share the camera with her boyfriend for photo shoots with Vogue


“I can’t keep it serious when I’m doing that stuff,” Patrick said with a laugh, recalling new pictures for the publication. “And when she helps me with auditions, she can’t keep it too so it’s a nice little dynamic. She looks way better than I do when it comes to that shoot.”