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PC Building Simulator Launched: Now available on Console


PC building simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Not only this it would also be available on Steam, GOG, and humble. Most of you are already familiar with the PC building simulator. For the one who doesn’t know, it is a game in which players can create the Monster PC rigs.

It is the cognitive dissonance of building a virtual PC on a console. Not only this, PC building simulator is a full-fledged story mode in which players can take over their uncle’s repair shop. In this, Players can repair and build custom high-end PC making the big bucks.

PC Building Simulator
Image: PlayStation

There is a lot in the free mode of the simulator. Players can virtually create Monster PC using OEM licensed parts from makers including ADM, Razer, NZXT, Nvidia, Cooler Master and more.

In addition to this, players would have access to to the motherboard BIOS and software like 3D Mark. They can build, test, overclock and benchmark their creations.

PC Building Simulator previous start

The PC Building Simulator not new, as it has already started its life on Itch.io website. On that platform, indie developers share their passion projects and game jam experiments for free.

As it was launched on Steam Early Access. It gets quickly viral and earned 700,000 downloads with positive reviews.

Availability and pricing

PC Building Simulator has been available on Playstation store, Microsoft store and Nintendo eShops. It would be available on these platform for $20 for a limited period of time. You can grab it, before the further rise in price.

Every game lover, who have never tried it before must try as it would be a learning experience for them. It will help the newcomers in the game world to allay their fears about the complexity of building their own system.

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