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Person who thinks washing cash kills COVID-19 wrecks at least $19K

Person who thinks washing cash kills COVID-19 wrecks at least $19K

A South Korean resident put a whole new spin on “money laundering” by tossing cash into a literal washing machine — in order to clean off potential coronavirus germs.

The person, identified only by the surname Eom, damaged at least 23 million won ($19,320) near Seoul earlier this year, then contacted the Bank of Korea to ask if it could be exchanged for new bills, the bank said in a statement.

It is unclear exactly how much money was damaged but the bank said it returned 507 of the damaged 50,000-won ($42) bills at half value. Bank rep Seo Jee Woun said the total amount of moolah lost during the sudsy snafu was “considerable.”

Under the bank’s policy, it will provide new cash at face value if damage is minimal, and half value — or not at all — damage is significant.

Earlier this year, a different person with the surname Kim, damaged cash in a microwave during an attempt to zap away coronavirus germs. The bank exchanged Kim’s damaged money with $4,370 in new bills, Seo said.

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