Porsche’s luxury electric bikes are coming out this spring

Porsche's luxury electric bikes are coming out this spring

Porsche has launched a couple of other electric vehicles alongside the Taycan Cross Turismo, but they’re of the two-wheeled variety. The luxury automaker has debuted two electric bikes inspired by the Taycan, both of which feature full-suspension carbon-fiber frame and Magura brakes. They’re also equipped with components, including their motors and gear shifting systems, manufactured by Japanese bicycle industry giant Shimano. Porsche says they were made to complement the Cross Turismo, which has a rear carrier that can accommodate up to three bicycles. 

The Porsche eBike Sport was designed for the streets. According to TechCrunch, it has motor support for up to 15 mph and has high-quality suspension components meant to provide a balanced ride on asphalt or any other gentle terrain. Meanwhile, the Porsche eBike Cross is meant for rougher roads, with a hydraulically adjustable seat post for quick seat height changes. Both models will come in three sizes and will be available through Porsche dealers in the spring. As you’d expect, neither model will come cheap: the eBike Sport’s prices begin at $10,700, while the eBike Cross will set you back at least $8,549.

Porsche has debuted the bikes with the Taycan Cross Turismo, the crossover followup to its Taycan EV sedan. It features more headroom and a larger cargo space than its predecessor and will be available in variants with a starting price of $91,000.

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