Prince William and Duchess Kate plan a vacation to avoid Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Fears for monarchy have risen within the British royal family yet again. Just when the fans believed that Prince Harry and Prince William have got over their differences, new reports suggesting the two are on bad terms have emerged. The reports came out during the mega birthday celebration of Meghan Markle, thus causing many to think that this scuffle might have been going on since some time.

How did rumors of the royal scuffle start?

The traffic untimely death of their mother Princess Diana had bought Prince Harry and Prince William close to each other during their childhood. However, the first rumors of a feud between the two brothers emerged when Prince Harry married Meghan.

When they were expecting their first baby, the couple decided to leave the Kensington Palace and live in a private residence, away from the palace.

As per sources, the reason behind this move was the inability of Meghan to be on good terms with Duchess Kate and the palace staff. However, a few months later, in March this year, new reports suggested that Prince Harry and Prince William were the real ones having issues.

Prince William and Prince Harry got over their differences recently

In May this year, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry welcomed their baby, son Archie Harrison. The entry of a new member appeared as the end of the feud between the two royal brothers. However, it still appears as if the goodwill did not last for a long time.

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Prince William may be angry with Prince Harry due to a new reason

As per a report by Cosmopolitan, Prince William and Duchess Kate are delaying their Balmoral trip deliberately to avoid Prince Harry and Meghan.

As per their source, the recent remarks made by Prince Harry about both he and Meghan not wanting a second child weren’t received well by Duchess Kate and Prince William.

After all, Prince William shares three children with Duchess Kate and are rumored to giving consideration to a fourth. One will have to wait and see how the royal family amends the supposed scuffle in the coming months.