Proof Tom Hanks and Tim Allen’s Bond Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen prove that Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear are an unstoppable (and inseparable) duo.

Since being cast as the lead characters in the 1995 classic Toy Story, the pair have developed a close friendship.

“Tom and I have really become really close friends from Toy Story 1,” Allen said in a Nov. 16 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. “He’s a very different person than me.”

In the beginning, though, the friendship wasn’t entirely smooth sailing, as Allen lightheartedly pointed out that Hanks would eat off his plate.

“I come from a family [where] you don’t do that,” Allen joked. “Tom’s in the middle of the first Toy Story and going, ‘Oh this is just so much fun working with you.’ And I go ‘Those are actually my french fries. That’s why they’re in this area here.'”

However, the french fry debacle hasn’t stopped the actors from grabbing “peculiar lunches” since they worked on the first Toy Story and its three sequels.