PS5 Price Reveal Breaks Twitter

PS5 Price Reveal Breaks Twitter

The day everyone had been waiting for is finally here. Sony has officially announced the date of launch and price of PS5. Microsoft made an announcement just a few days back with an aggressive price policy and announced its measures to make the console more transparent than ever. This meant that Sony had to come up with something extravagant.

And that is exactly what happened at the PS5 showcase just a few minutes back. Sony’s next-gen console will start from $399 (digital only version) and would be released for the US on November 12. It will be released for the entire world just a week after.

PS5: Who will win the console war?

Mind-bending exclusives have been the PlayStation’s USP for a long time. And the PS5 showcase did not fail to deliver. A range of exclusives has been lined up. These include Spider-Man ‘Miles Morales’ and Hogwarts Legacy (set to release sometime in 2021).

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As soon as Microsoft announced the price of its console, the world had been waiting for Sony to spill the beans around its new-gen console.

The price of the consoles is a breaking point for most users. Sony and Microsoft have gone back and forth for years to try and get an edge above one another. The most anticipated announcement of the year has just been made and fans can’t keep themselves off social media.

The PS5 showcase marks the event the entire world had been waiting for. The new-gen consoles promise to provide us with a kind of experience that has never been witnessed before.

Just before the end of the showcase, Sony in a very sly manner slipped the price of its consoles. Ladies and gentlemen, this marks the beginning of the console war. The toughest question on the table right now is, what side are you on?

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