Putin was offered “peace deal” framework before G20 meeting

On the eve of the G20 summit, one of the intermediary countries in communication with both Russia and Ukraine handed Russian President Vladimir Putin the framework for a possible “deal” for direct negotiations.

Sources: Ukrainska Pravda article The world under missile fire. How Russia is trying to persuade Ukraine to negotiate

Quote: “On the eve of the G20 summit, according to Ukrainska Pravda sources in the circles of the US secret services, Putin received the framework for a possible ‘deal’ from one of the intermediary countries.

In short, the essence of the proposal was that the occupied and already annexed territories in the south and east of the country would return to Ukraine, including Donbas. But the issue of Crimea would be taken off the table. For Russia, this is fundamental to the so-called ‘Putin legacy’. Therefore the deal envisaged a freeze on any talk about the status of the peninsula for seven years. Also on any talk of Ukraine joining NATO.”

Details: Some of the theses in the draft deal have been observed in Russian Telegram channels close to the Kremlin. The proposal also envisaged the cessation of missile attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. This was supposed to show the seriousness of the Russians’ intentions.

However, after the Russians launched a massive missile strike on Ukraine while the summit was actually going on, the proposal became irrelevant.

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