QB weighing Packers future, retirement

Aaron Rodgers isn’t ready to use the word retirement — or a few other words.

“When you say never, things happen that you say ‘never’ to,” Rodgers said on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday.

Those “things” could be a 19th season with Green Bay, playing elsewhere or calling it a career.

Following the end of the Packers’ season over a week ago, after they finished 8-9 and placed third in the NFC North, Rodgers is dealing with plenty of speculation about his future. He told McAfee he’s not “mentally or emotionally ready” to decide on what’s next.

“I just need some time right now. I don’t need to ask anyone to respect my time,” he said. “That’s going to be the answer until I’m ready and when I’m ready to give my opinion like I was last year, I’m either all-in or I’m out.”

Does the 39-year-old think he can still compete? Rodgers’ answer left the door open to playing for a team not in Green Bay.

“Of course,” he said. “I think I can win MVP again in the right situation. Is that Green Bay or somewhere else? I’m not sure. But I don’t think you should shut down any opportunity.”

The veteran quarterback said he never thought he would have played for Green Bay. At the 2005 combine, he had a tough interview with the Packers and doubted he would be drafted by them, as they had the 24th selection in the first round.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers after a Week 18 loss to the Lions on Jan. 8, 2023.
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) throws a pass against the Lions on Jan. 8, 2023.
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) throws a pass against the Lions on Jan. 8, 2023.

And now, he has finished his 18th season with Green Bay and possibly is on the brink of another, wherever that may be.

“So, be careful saying never,” he added.

Rodgers said he heard some say he was “washed” up in 2019, before he was voted the league MVP by the Associated Press in 2020 and 2021. He said the sentiment may be the same this year, after hearing some chatter, but he believes he can still compete, especially around “guys you can win with,” such as tight end Marcedes Lewis, and with both sides “wanting to work together moving forward.”

Rodgers is due $59.5 million in 2023.