R-Truth Fights With Shark for His Title on WWE Raw

R-Truth Fights With Shark for His Title on WWE Raw

If you think that you’ve seen the craziest things, think again. On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE 24/7 Championship R-Truth defended his title against a shark.

Yes, you heard that right! Truth defended his coveted belt against a power-hungry shark at the beach. 

Truth was taken a casual stroll on the beach when he was attacked by an ever-stealthy Akira Tozawa. Tozawa, hiding in the water with another ninja, was ready to strike.

However, Truth caught something much more frightful. Behind Tozawa, he saw a long fin merge out of the water. The Champion immediately cried “Shark!” and tried to run. 

However, his 24/7 title slipped and fell in the water. It was then quickly swept away by the water. At that point, Truth just wanted to escape shouting “Sharknado!” in reference to the popular sci-fi film.

R-Truth tried to enter the shark-infested shallow water

He later returned to the same spot to retrieve his gold. Shockingly, he saw the shark emerge again to defend the gold. This time, Truth was fearless.

He put on some scuba gear and braved it out. Getting in the water, Truth quickly got a few inches in before running out again. The shark seemed to have already won.

Unfortunately, the tides literally weren’t in favor of the big fish. As Truth looked on, the prized 24/7 title washed ashore to him. The shark, naturally, couldn’t do anything about it.

Truth then saw a torn black cloth also wash ashore. This indicated that Akira Tozawa or one of his ninjas fell prey to the shark. I imagine he was one of the desperate ones who tried to steal the title by challenging the shark in the water.

R-Truth ended with a joke, stating that “Tozawa got Devoured”. This was by far the most entertaining segment with the 24/7 Championship. We’ve seen some pretty crazy things from R-Truth but this undoubtedly tops it. Perhaps he can now once again turn his attention to releasing those gold TikToks.

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